Word from Oxford


I am pleased to announce the launch of this monumental project designed to support literature scholarship in the digital age. Our goal is to create a high-level, evolving, and up-to-date research encyclopedia for scholars and students of literature and related disciplines.

Conceived in the tradition of the great encyclopedic projects of the past and adapted to the digital age, this dynamic reference resource will evolve as the discipline evolves, and will, in the long term, reach an unparalleled level of comprehensiveness. It will feature vetted, cutting-edge overview articles on a wide array of specialized topics, organized across original, intellectually stimulating categories, and will direct scholars to a range of relevant resources, including audio-visual materials, pedagogical tools, and more. Guided by internationally renowned critics, writers and scholars, the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature will serve as a hub for the discipline, and we hope that it will become the go-to resource for scholars and students of literature and related fields.

Professor Paula Rabinowitz and the international experts on the advisory board are already at work laying the foundations of the project. We welcome your feedback as we build the Oxford Research Encyclopedia. It will become a collaborative initiative between Oxford University Press and the global scholarly communities, so please check this site for updates and news about the project, and consider getting involved.

We look forward to working with you!


Julia Kostova

Literature Editor