“The Oxford Research Encyclopedias will offer specialized information–the kind of nuanced, detailed perspective only an expert can bring.”

Damon Zucca, Reference Publisher, Oxford University Press

The current environment

Academic researchers and students have ready access to a wealth of scholarly and scientific content online. The rate of new publishing has accelerated and past publications are easy to locate. As a result it is increasingly difficult and time-consuming to begin new research in unfamiliar areas. The tools scholars use to discover, sift, and evaluate sources can narrow options, but do not provide a sophisticated grounding in a topic or a clear indication of further sources.

What is needed?

A coherent overview that intelligently synthesizes huge volumes of research on a topic. Content written and vetted by experts to ensure the material goes beyond the basic facts to provide the scholarly depth and rigor required for university-level research. Articles that are regularly reviewed and updated, and together map the entirety of a field of study as knowledge within that field evolves.

The ORE Project

OUP is at the early stages of a major initiative to transform its approach to reference publishing in order to better serve the changing needs of university-level digital research. Through the Oxford Research Encyclopedia (ORE) program, Oxford is building a series of highly discoverable, peer-reviewed, online encyclopedias with essays planned, written, and reviewed by the world’s leading scholars and scientists. The OREs will provide hundreds of in-depth articles on core topics in all of the major disciplines. The sites will be continuously updated with new articles and revisions to existing ones. The ORE project will combine the ease of access and speed of digital publishing with the standards of academic publishing.


The Oxford Research Encyclopedias will:

  • Synthesize primary research in high-level interpretive overview articles
  • Provide anchoring information to be used at the start of a research project
  • Be developed collaboratively with the global community of experts in a discipline
  • Be written and vetted by scholars for scholars and students
  • Direct research journeys to other relevant, trusted content

With a community of scholars supporting the ORE effort, these trusted tools will be woven into the everyday research practices of literature faculty and students. The Press views this as a long-term undertaking, which we expect to take root over the coming years.

All OREs will enjoy a substantial free access period: as previews develop into full-text articles, Oxford will keep the site open to all global users while articles and content grow to substantial numbers.

Visit oxfordre.com for more information.