Content Plan

Broad Framing of Thematic Areas and Subareas

The ORE of Literature seeks to map the entire field through the content plan outlined below. These areas form the basis of plans for individual articles, which will be commissioned and added continuously over the life of the project. This list will expand as the field evolves.

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Critical Issues and Themes:


Author / Reader

The Body

The Built Environment

Center / Periphery



Dominant / Aboriginal


Folklore and Oral Traditions


Gesture / Movement


Image and Visuality

Land / Sea / Space / City


Material Culture

The Materiality of Literature


The Mind

The Nation

National / Transnational / Global / Glocal

The Object

Object / Subject

Original / Copy

Politics / Time

Root / Morphology

Science / Technology

Social Constructions (gender, race, etc.)

Social Issues (crime, class, education, sexuality, institutions, etc.)



Taxonomical Categories:

African Literatures

American Literature

British, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh Literatures

Children's Literature

East Asian Literatures

English Language Literatures (other than American and British)

Fiction, Novelists, and Prose Writers

Film, TV, and Media

French and Francophone Literatures

German and Scandinavian Literatures

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literary Studies

Italian Language Literature

Literatures of the Middle East

Literary Studies (early and medieval)

Literary Studies (1500-1800)

Literary Studies (19th century)

Literary Studies (20th century onward)

Literary Theory and Cultural Studies

Non-Fiction and Non-Fiction Writers (including autobiography)

Poetry and Poets

Postcolonial Literature and Studies

Slavic, Eastern European, and Central Asian Literatures

Spanish and Portuguese Language Literatures

Theater and Drama